Tuesday, January 09, 2007

State of my Union address

Well it's 2007 and time to give a status report and the goals for this year... (reading from a starbucks napkin, so you know I thought this out)

  • Release of Light of Nor which I'm co-creator of (did the art for), a graphic novel for teens and adults.
  • Release of Letters from Camp Lizard which I'm writing and illustrating, also a graphic novel but for young readers.
  • Release of Yak in my Bed, which I was the Art Director and Designer for (not author or illustrator)
  • Release of Penguins of Doom that I designed a cover for
  • Release of Bad Girls Club, which I did the jacket cover design
  • Release of Krumbuckets which I did the jacket design and a little illustrative type treatment for
  • Production of Patrick the Sonombulist, a picture book I helped Blooming Tree find by author and artist Sarah Ackerley (sorry if I butched your name here). I'll be designer on this book, too.
  • Production on Fergus the Ferret for release next year, I'll be illustrating and Madeline Smoot author.
  • Production for Dragon Wishes, which I'll illustrate and do interior black and whites for.
  • Production for Life in the Pit, which I'll do an illustrative cover for
  • Attending the Texas Library Association conference in San Antonio
My goals for the year on a personal note:

  1. Manage my time better, or at least realize that there's 24 hours in a day, but I should only be awake for 18 of them.
  2. Lose my Clark Kent job (now that I can finally do it without getting rattled, sigh).
  3. Fix the rest of my teeth, at least till the insurance and money dries up... again...
  4. Learn to say no: no to unhealthy food, no to "can you head up this committee?", no to "we're going to stuff you in the corner at this year's conferrence", and no to it can't be done!
  5. Draw something just for me every day: See Oodles of Doodles below
  6. Call my family more, my brother in particular
  7. Take more photos of Mike and I and our everyday friends: if I had to prove last year existed for me, I'd have to provide cell phone bills and grocery receipts. We got kick a$$ cameras, we're going to use them!
  8. Walk the doggie every day, both for me and Enzo's happiness
  9. Cook more, not just thaw or nuke
  10. Let Mike know everyday how cool I think he is

Having read my list, I'm now going to go crawl into a ball in my bed and sleep till '08 :)

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