Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Nor Redux

This is a start on a new cover for Nor. The previous more complicated cover design will now be the banner design. We've come full circle, to tell the truth. I had these two on an earlier ARC cover and now they're together again. Ahhhh...

I'm finally, knock on wood, happy with how I'm drawing Kahf, the main character. I don't know if drawing him 3000 times was the magic number, but he's leveling out for me now. Maybe it's the unknown that I'm plundering into with this huge graphic novel, but whenever I have a day that goes right with it, the theme to Rocky plays in my head and I find a set of big, outdoor, concrete steps and I jog all the way up and hold the printout of Nor up and yell, "Adrian!"... all in my head, of course.

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