Saturday, November 12, 2005

Back to Work

The signings went GREAT! I sold books to people I've known all my life and people I met just 5 seconds earlier.

I owe a ton of thanks to my Mom aka my Biologically Assigned Publicist who handled the craziness with grace and candor. And her Conway friends Susie who hosted the party, and Janet and Janie who wrangled customers and took their money were a Godsend. Little Rock's party was less hectic because I didn't have to meet all the people first, so having them at the Conway party was great. And Afton in Little Rock hosted a wonderful party complete with birthday cake for me, and going through her house brought back a whole lot of memories. So thanks, thanks, and more thanks!

As soon as I got back I got to thinking that my old "light box" wasn't going to cut it as I now delve into Manga work. What I am going to attempt first is to sketch out the pages 100% to scale, then scan those and plot out where I'll have my dividing frames and do those in the computer (yes, I do hate using a ruler that much). I'll then enlarge them about 150% and use the new light box I just bought to redraw them in detail first in pencil and then trace with the new pen set. They will then get rescanned again to do tonal work and add the type. And I'll only have to do that say 200+ times! Yeehaw!

It's a lot, but I'm surprisingly very geared up for it. Must be that whole "rising to the challenge" thing. Well, off to bed so I can get up and get to work!

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