Saturday, November 26, 2005

Decked the hall

This is the weirdest weather year...

We played croquet outside in shorts on thanksgiving and set up our christmas tree with the AC on tonight. I mean I know it's Texas, but yeesh!

We have our little tree by the fireplace with all the cool ornaments our family has sent us. Our manger scene has been crashed by the usual well meaning TV/movie theme toys (Jay and Silent Bob stopped off at the Quick Stop for their offerings, heehee). Mike may get all Clark Griswold and put up some Christmas lights. After getting snubbed for Halloween, we're out to prove something now.

More meetings this week with publisher and authors. Turning in tonight though so I can get an early start in the morning. It's funny when friends ask when my day off is and I just laugh. No rest for the wicked or artistically endowed!

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