Monday, November 14, 2005

A word about snakes...

If you hear a high pitch scream, it's probably those scardy-snake people who've just seen the image of me with my new pet albino corn snake, Capote. Don't worry, I won't flood my blog with snake shots, so please come back and check on my blog, but maybe I can use this as a "confront your fear" opportunity for those with snake issues.

I know snakes are predatory, sneaky little cold-blooded creatures. When I come across them on a nature walk I give them a wide berth, especially when I don't know what kind they are. But that doesn't take away from my fascination of them. I love lizards for many of the same characteristics they share with snakes: calculating eyes, beautiful patterns, quick speed and agility... But snakes just have that elegant grace and poise I guess you just have to missing appendages to attain.

It's unfortunate that snakes got a bum wrap in Genesis. I've heard it said that the term the Bible used for"serpent" may not mean the same animal as "snake." I haven't been tempted with the two snakes living here... yet... Our other snake Morty is great fun to watch, he's a ribbon snake, but he's not holding material. We got Capote because he would be a "lap snake" as he got bigger.

A funny note on corn snakes is that they have the most bizarre names for different color variations, and most sound like food. Our albino could fall under the "candy corn" type corn snake which includes "candy cane" corn snakes, "butter" corn snakes, "orange cream-sicle" corn snakes, and "caramel" corn snakes. There's also mocha, sunburst, lavender and a Miami phase corn snake.

And we named him Capote because... well... he is very pink and he'll be eating "In Cold Blood" har har har ;) And if he talked I could imagine a very sibilant "SSssssssss"

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