Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Light of Nor

We're movin' along on the Manga. The image is a temporary cover image for the catalog for Blooming Tree. Kind of a teaser cover. We're not quite sure where the first book'll stop so the cover will come later.

I really, REALLY, like this cover and the characters. It's surprising for me. And in a way I feel kinda goofy about it. Those who knew me back in high school knew how I liked to draw Disney characters. This is similar but much more creative than being an animator couldv'e been.

It's really neat to start with a script and a blank page. All I need is a folding chair, a megaphone, a riding crop and a berret. It's like a movie in my head and I'm storyboarding it. I can see this getting addictive. I don't even know how exactly I'm doing it. I keep drawing and drawing and the characters just start forming like a ceramic bowl coming up out of the spinning goo.

I did base the guy character on Clive Owen, if only in an inspirational way. His nose if you look close has been broken, his eyes go up in a little in the middle giving him a slightly sad expression and his lips are a cupid's bow: hence, Clive Owen.

The female characters a bit of a wild child. She's a bit feral looking with harsh edges to her features, but still beautiful in that "she's gonna eat me" way, but that's ok 'cause they're both warriors.

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