Saturday, December 17, 2005

Bunny News

Well, LBKF is going to be found under several Christmas trees this season. The book signing at the Arboretum BN went great, though the size of that store made me feel pretty dinky. It's like a train station layout, two stories. We had a great crowd for storytime, too.

And now LBKF does show up as a picture book and the cover is available to look at in the store and online, which is a big plus since the cover looks so neato.

It helps that the book is so Cocacola red and the autograph BN stickers are green, very festive!

It's still my #1 bestseller in kids, and in the top 50 for the store. My goal is to beat out the O'Reilly Factor for Kids book (I read the sex advice chapter and how to go exfoliate... sorry, Fox News fans). I'm still surprised how many kids who can read it themselves want to buy it, too. It must be the same element that people my age like the book for. Some of my favorite picture books are ageless: Old Turtle, Giving Tree, Quiltmakers Gift...

Now this week I need to shove some books out the door and off to the Caldecott people just to have said I did it, but it would be awesome to win!

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