Saturday, December 03, 2005

An AMAZING dog story

Kathleen is a super bubbly fun lady I work with and she has the most amazing dog story that I've been lucky enough to been present for as the story unfolded over the last few weeks...

Kathleen is a size -2 if that's possible, a very petite lady yet she has a grand pyrenees dog which weighs in somewhere in the 170 lbs range. I mean they are like polar bears, huge dogs! She's always talked about how gentle and sweet her dog is and how it will try to crawl up on your lap because he thinks he's the size of a toaster.

A while back Kathleen came to work with a grizzly story. She had been staying with her elderly parents who live on a fenced in ranch outside of town. She called in her dogs who had spent the night outside and was horrified to see her pyrenees and her other big dog both covered in blood. She couldn't imagine at first how they could be so bloody and still be able to walk, but after inspecting them thoroughly she discovered it wasn't their blood. *insert creepy music*

She also found a scrap of some denim on the pyrenees and a scrap of maybe a shirt on the other dog which led to the chilling possibility that they may have attacked a human. Showing more civic responsibility than say I would, she called the police and told them what she knew. She also called the hospitals and nearby clinics to see if anyone had been checked in for a dog bite or mauling.

All the while it seemed off to her because her dogs were so used to people and had never bit anyone. The police showed up and began interviewing Kathleen and then her parents. After finding where the attack happened and what her mother later remembered, here's what we think happened...

Earlier in the week one day two men rang Kathleen's mom's doorbell. First that's odd because their property is all gated and the gate was closed so they somehow got through it and walked about a quarter mile all the way to where the house is tucked away. They told her that there was a dead tree near the property line that they saw and offered to cut it down and haul it off for them.

Well Kathleen's mom is the traditional little old lady who seemed to be living alone (her father was bed ridden), and these two fellas appeared to have tried to pull an "In Cold Blood" on her. According to police, the two then returned in the dead of night probably thinking she had a mattress full of cash and no one would witness a robbery. The police found where they had parked a truck in the back of their property by the gate and scaled over the fence. They also found where Kathleen's two dogs went to town on them, too. Spread out over an area was more blood, more bits of clothes and 2 pairs of abandoned shoes (can you imagine a dog fight that knocked you out of your shoes?!). A trail of blood led back over the gate and to the car, so they were well enough to drive but they didn't check themselves in anywhere.

Thankfully the police were of the opinion that if they still handed out medals to dogs, Kathleen's two dogs would be decorated for valor. She still can't believe her dogs knew to attack them. Could they smell crime? Did they try to hurt the dogs when they came upon them? Did two angels posses the dogs and do some righteous ass kicking?!

I just thought the story was worth sharing. Hopefully the police will be able to track down two dead tree volunteers with massive scars!

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