Thursday, December 29, 2005

Renamed the Gliders

Just a note that we've renamed Thunder to Topsy and Flash to Turvy. They seem much happier now. They just didn't feel they could live up to their former names since they sounded like comic book heros.

Topsy and Turvy are now cuddled under my sweatshirt snoozing away as I work on various art assignments. When they're up they're nuts and when they're down they are totally out! Kind of bipolar like that :) They're getting more comfortable with us and their surroundings. It'll take a while before they're tame enough to walk around with them when they're awake. Kind of like finger training a bird not to take off. They aren't afraid of our hands, and usually come check them out to see if they're covered in something yummy. It's the rest of the room and our body they're still learning to trust. I was playing with them last night and went to stand up to check on one that had scampered to investigate something and that sort of freaked Topsy out. She calmed down and resumed playing, but for a minute or two I blew her little mind it would seem.

We're still amused at how the chinchilla totally ignored Bilbo the degu, but is very aware of the gliders. He hopped up on the bed for a closer look and barked at them, a sound we'd never heard from him before. He's healthy and not stressed out, but I think part of him is thinking, "Marsupials. Well, there goes the neighborhood..."

Sorry to prattle on about the gliders, but being that I love animals I can't help it.

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