Sunday, December 25, 2005

Thunder and Flash

We've settled on "Thunder" and "Flash" as names for our two sugar gliders. They partly come from "Donder" and "Blitzen" which mean thunder and lightning and will commemorate getting them on Christmas Eve.

Thunder is the noisy one. She's cautious and protective of Flash. She sleeps closest to the exit of the sleeping pouch and investigates noises.

Flash is the curious one that does loops around the cage checking everything out. She's so fast, too. She found and ate the food first last night.

I carried them around in their pouch. They were so snuggly and slept the day away as I carried them around. A couple of times I stuck my finger inside with some honey and yogurt. I got nipped a time or two, but they licked my fingers clean.

We had a great Christmas and had lots of great presents from families and friends. And even better, next Christmas is a whole year away!

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