Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Yesterday was a blur...

Well... The blog is to write about the goings-on inside an artist's head and yesterday I threw my mental hands in the air.

Retail is a dog-eat-dog business and during the holiday season it's dog-eat-dog-and-then-same-dog-eats-friends-of-first-dog business. Tempers are short and I have eye strain from NOT rolling my eyes. I try to be cheerful and positive, and having my book on the shelf is encouraging, but it boils down to the fact that, to quote Danny Glover in Lethal Weapon, "I'm too old for this sh*t."

I'm pretty sure I'll be doing something else this time next year. I don't know what, but things are progressing in a way that I can see me starting something new. Santa, if you're listening... hint, hint.

Well, it was a combination of me having to run around all day, then I got to go have a root canal. The other root canals I don't recall being so... um... intrusive. I felt like they were drilling for Texas gold. I gagged on the bitter tasting astringent they were flushing my canals with, then I choked on my spit they didn't suck up in time, and when my nerves finally shorted out, I just cried there in the dentists chair. I didn't boo hoo, my eyes just leaked for a while. I didn't even realize it at first because half my face was numb and I was closing my eyes.

I like the dentist, only she won't prescribe anything stronger than an advil. Mike suggested such helpful ideas as handcuffing myself to the chair and holding out for the good stuff or even generic knock off good stuff. But I knew there was no getting blood from a turnip, so when I got home I gave myself a home remedy: tequila.

When Mike came home he saw the salt shaker, a sliced lemon, and a nearly empty bottle next to my ADPi shot glass. He found me in the shower where the alcohol had sped through my hot blood. I didn't have that much, but it was enough. Mike told me today I came up to him after the shower worried about how much after shower spray I used because I "zoned out" while I was spraying. When I came back around I took some advil for the inflammation and went to bed.

I woke up today and felt GREAT! I was expecting a hangover or dehydrated achiness, but it was like I hibernated. All my settings were recalibrated and I had energy. I have to say I may have had the perfect circumstances required for a medicinal Deeeeeerunk.

So, yes, Christmas can drive you to drink. But family and friends need not worry about this becoming a habit. I'm not one of those artists who can work while plastered. I guess I just needed a night off my rocker to get me through the rest of this week. If anything it has added another level of mystery and mystique for my husband to puzzle over.


Jolene said...

Regan, I agree with Mike. You should have protested until you got something more than Advil... Strangely enough, my boss had a root canal today and they didn't just give him Advil. No sir, they sent him back to me and to our job looking like the poster child (man) for the Betty Ford clinic. Yes, that made for a fascinating afternoon. At any rate, I'll find out who his dentist/pusher is in case you want a taste of whatever they gave him. But, I don't think you can take it and your choice of medication. You'll have to pick just one. :)

Hope you feel better soon. Miss you!

Anonymous said...

Advil - Shmadvil!
-lil bro.