Monday, January 30, 2006

How many shots does it take?

How many shots of novicane does it take to numb the tootsie roll center of a Regan's tooth?!?!


Two... JEEEEZ!

Eleven... ahhhh*sob*ahhh....

Yes my crown lengthening oral surgery today would have been condemned by amnesty international. It's not just that I don't understand the purpose of the procedure (though I can quote what I've been told) or that it cost so friggin much, but they couldn't numb me enough and by the end I had to call Mike out of work to take me home because I couldn't drive myself. I actually waited out in the car and one nice man tapped on my window because I looked like I back talked to Tony Soprano.

When they irrigated one part I nearly screamed because of the cold saline hit the nerve. It was odd, I couldn't feel the cutting or poking, but the nerve was still open for hot/cold business.

Thank God I get to wait to heal for a few weeks... for a little bit there a nice blood-loss, over-novicaned afternoon drive was looking good, sigh...

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Anonymous said...

If there's anyone out there that can sympathize with your Dental issues, it's your snaggle-tooth lil bro. Hang in there. :^)