Thursday, January 19, 2006

A red flannel shirt and some tiny overalls...

We got the sugerplums (pet name for our sugar gliders) a "Wodent Wheel." This is a space age, totally safe exercise wheel that doesn't have bars, it's a solid bowl type shape on it's side so it spins around. Actually picture a reel of film, because the wheel has little holes spaced out which is how they get in and out. We tried a wheel on our chinchilla and he really enjoyed... totally dismanteling it, heh heh.

I'm convinced that sugar gliders are the world's little clowns. There must've been a time when things were too primal and serious so out came the sugar gliders to lighten things up. They took to the wheel right away, but have had to figure out how enter and exit the wheel when the other one's using it. The best is when the one outside it tries to run on top of the wheel like a logger does with a log in the water (can picture her with the flannel shirts and mini overalls). Other times one will cling to the side and spin head over heels. There's a nail file insert that we can put in from time to time to trim their nails. Turvy came out and literally did the human checkin-out-my-manicure gesture.

Topsy has a thing about the "bling-bling" She's on the look for a sparkly and roots through my little trinket boxes when she's out. She found a hair band and actually stretched with her hands like a mini exercise thing...

Ok, sorry to go on, but they are having a positive creative effect on me.

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