Saturday, January 21, 2006

Storytime Signing

Had a great book signing/storytime today at the south Barnes and Noble store. They get a big crowd and they were just the right age. I personalized quite a few and I know the ones I signed will be bought soon since they have the "Signed Copy" sticker on them.

I tried out a new activity since Chinese New Year is coming up and it's the year of the dog. I had a print out of the bunny that looked like he had his arms outstretched and I had a big piece of paper taped up on the wall next to it. After reading the book I told them about the year of the dog and asked them if they had a dog at home. They all told me and I drew their dogs being walked by LBKF. It was fun! I told them I had a magic marker, and when I drew one girl's dog she smiled and exclaimed, "It really is a MAGIC marker!" Ah, priceless...

Everyone really seemed to like the book, and the kids especially like it a lot. I'm getting feedback from the customers at my store and from friends and family that the book is a hit at home. I get all goosebumply when I think something I made is becoming part of a little kid's life. I even picture a kid asking to read my book one more time before the lights go out, and the parent rolling their eyes because they know the kid will end up jumping on the bed doing karate.

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