Wednesday, January 25, 2006

New/Old Computer

Well, I've gotten Mike's old computer and have several upgrades to relearn. Everythings faster and better, but I still have to go.... uh, where is... oh, there it is... uhhhh...

I also have to have all my online things resend me my passwords and usernames. For instance, this blog had to resend it to me. But for a while there I was like that guy in the movie trying every combination of words and numbers going, "I just need the password so I can hack in" meanwhile bullets are flying over my head, "Is is 'j e f f?' " (Eddie Izzard reference).

I should write it all down of course. I doubt some nefarious person will crack into my blog and write a bunch of compromising material.

And I have to redownload the picture posting program, so there may be a lag in picture posting.

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