Sunday, September 18, 2005

Talk like a Pirate Day

Tomorrow is a national holiday! It's Talk Like a Pirate Day, really no foolin.' Why the nation needs a holiday that weird, I don't know, but I'll be dressing and talking like a pirate, 'cause kids love pirates.

Yesterday was a great day. We took a beautiful scenic drive out to near Marble Falls and went to a wedding... in a cave! It was so beautiful, all the candles and lighting and the accoustic guitar music sounded soooo good in there. It really was like being in a cathedral, in fact they call big chambers in caves cathedral rooms sometimes. Their reception was a full catered dinner (texmex because whenJill was a kid she said she wanted to marry a Mexican and have mexican food everyday). We had a really nice time with our Trivia Night buddies, and glad for Jeff and Jill.

I have another fun dentist appointment Tuesday, but then this weekend is my first big Illustration Conference in Arlington/Dallas. Mike's coming with me so we can have a breather together. I'm all a-flutter about sitting down with a big publisher guy. I hope I impress him.

I've gotten lots of congrats on LBKF on the SCBWI discussion board. I'm now a FULL member, not an associate aka unpublished member. Yippe skippy!

Tonight I'll have the mind numbing fun of printing out the portfolio I'll be taking to the big "D" this weekend, and pray for no printer hyjinx's. You just never know!

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