Monday, May 30, 2005

I love Legalese... wait, no I don't!

Well, I'm signed on, literally, to do my first official to-be-published book cover and inside illustrations job! Woohoo!

Downside was I had to read a big contract written by lawyers for lawyers. However, I was able to break it down into its parts. I'm doing the work for this project, and the publisher's buying me out, so they will have the rights to it. I know, I know, when I get a name and some clout, I'll negotiate to keep my copyright and sell usage of it... oh, but screw it! I'm getting published, I'm getting published! *will remember to be sagely wise later*

Insert rationalization: It's understandable to work for hire starting out, and with a small publisher. And since the art created for the book will be SO tailored to this story, it's not like I could really have sold it to anyone else. And it's in the contract that I can have the artwork appear in my promotional uses. So... s'ok.

However... I don't think I can post in progress sketches like I'd hoped. It's part of the confidentiality clause, see paragraph III page five, underscored legalese blah blah blah...

I'm going to need a gin and tonic after this contract. Whew... I found a cure for the artistic muse, I think...

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