Saturday, May 14, 2005

Working on Owls

I'm about half way done on the big owl painting (20 done). I'm finding they're all so individual and detailed, I may have to come up with a way to unify the piece so it's not a migraine waiting for some unsuspecting viewer. "Oh, owls what a nice- AHHH! My brain, it hurts, can't look, too many feathers..."

I do like that it's the UN of owls, though. Some from the desert, some from the Arctic. Some rural owls and some urban city owls. Some fishing owls, some burrow owls... Yeah, I'm glad my painting doesn't make noise, I'm pretty sure they would be constantly arguing with their neighbors.

For the show in July (which I'm still trying to envision), I think I'd like to donate a portion of the proceeds to go to the Austin Nature & Science center. They have a really nice facility and they have quite a few owls that they've rescued. Almost all of the owls had been hit by cars. Not to sound unsympathetic, but I've been staring at these owl's faces, and I'm beginning to wonder if those owls had figured they'd win in a game of "chicken" with a moving vehicle. Their faces look pretty confident and smug.

And a gold star for me for staying in on a Saturday night to paint. I kinda had to, because the paint I'd laid out will dry out soon, but still... The husband went to see our friends and watch a movie (ok, I told him to go), and I persevered here at home. I make time for plenty of R&R, don't worry.

Off to roost in my nest of snuggly flannel sheets and waiting Husky. It's been fun as she's gotten older to see how much she'll put up with before she surrenders her spot on the bed so I can stretch out my own legs. I wonder, does God get the same kind of enjoyment from me?

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