Tuesday, May 24, 2005

They Like It, They Really Like It!

I got this email:

Congratulations Regan!One or more of the images you uploaded yesterday are found on today's Top Ten reports. You can view links to the reports you are found on at:http://www.ArtWanted.com/topten.cfm?Artist=18335These reports are updated daily, so be sure and tell your friends/family to go check out your top placement today - you will be listed for the entire day (05/24/05). We have also added a 'Top Ten Club' icon on your portfolio page. This icon will stay there as long as your images are found on our Top Ten reports.Thanks for being a member of our site and we hope that this top ten ranking will bring you additional exposure to your portfolio.ArtWanted.com Staffinfo@ArtWanted.comhttp://www.ArtWanted.com

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