Saturday, May 21, 2005

Puzzle Pieces

I don't know if anyone's interested in this, but I feel like letting the world know that after I finish painting a painting, I'm far from actually being DONE.

Getting a painting into the computer, which is practically a necessity nowadays, means I have to scan the painting with a flatbed scanner. It's kinda like a copy machine.

The problem is unless I'm working 9x12 or smaller, I have to do multiple scans and piece them back together. For the owls I scanned it about 10 times, and now I get to fit them all together... only sometimes they don't want to fit because they're not 100% aligned. This results in much cursing and pounding of fists and heads and the promise to all that is holy, one day I WILL have a scanner that's the size of a king size mattress.

It's a bitter note to end on sometimes. The painting could be one of my best, but if it was a b*tch to put back together, I won't forget that.

Let's hope the owls come together in perfect harmony, and I'll buy the world a Coke...

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