Monday, May 16, 2005


In the last week, I may or may not have been "discovered" at least online.

I'm getting pelted with requests from people who've seen my artwork and would like my permission to use my art to make tags, banners, email stationary, and avatars. For those not in the know, all those things are basically things online users use when they post on a message board or forum, or email with. Kinda like wallpaper.

I'm also getting asked to be put in a stable of other artists who've given out blanket permission to use their work. That's not cool with me. Last thing I want is my art showing up in some Nazi message board, so I'm replying to these people that I'd rather have individuals ask me for a certain image, and that it has to be used for non-profit. This way I have a record of the request and the use.

I can also tell, sorta, which requests come from real people and which are some kind of animated request from who knows what. This would be a full time job to track down and make sure nobody's ripping me off. That's a frightening thought. I've been told if I don't want it 'out' then don't put in online.

For this reason, I won't put my kid's book online. I worked too hard for someone in Norway to steal it!

On the other hand, I like that people like my art. They like it enough to want my art to represent them in the digital world. So that's kinda cool.

I just hope Pandora's box hasn't flipped it's lid.


Kyndrid said...

That's great that you're getting so well known! I think you're smart in keeping your book offline though.

Regan said...

Amen, Sister!

Spoken by someone who's seen the ugly side of net piracy, Arrrrr!