Thursday, June 02, 2005

Art Week Has Started!

Woohoo! Six full days of me being an artist and getting my own book done and catching up on some other artistic endeavors.

By next Wed., I hope to:

  1. Have all artwork for Little Bunny Kung Fu done and scanned into computer
  2. Have the book laid out in Quark with type and ready to become a PDF file
  3. Have a top notch dummy book printed from here just to show people
  4. Have finished the business card design and ready to find printer... oh, and get paid for it!
  5. Get files ready for my website update
  6. Get CafePress spruced up and ready for LBKF
  7. Get ready for my art show in July, and order posters and bookmarks for it

I think this list is doable. Some items take more precident then others, but it's a good goal. I have a feeling I'll get spoiled and resent having to go back to my day job, but soon, hopefully, I'll be able to go to a design job that I'll enjoy just as much.


Virginia Johnson said...

Good grief, Regan, you've got a lot on your plate this week. YOU GO, GIRL! We're proud of you back home. You are always in our hearts and prayers.

Love, MOM

Regan said...

Yes, in the Griswold family tradition, I often set goals no illustrator could accomplish!

Already gotten a ways down the list, though... thanks for the thoughts and prayers!